Asset protection is important to anyone who has something they want to keep. We've compiled the most frequently asked questions on asset protection strategies, concerns and methods. This comprehensive website will give you a quick overview of what asset protection options may apply to you, as well as answer some basic questions on how the process works.


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  1. Can I simply gift assets to family members?
  2. Is my IRA protected?
  3. How does asset protection work?
  4. Are there tax consequences to asset protection?
  5. What are the statistics on the effectiveness of asset protection?
  6. What is asset protection?
  7. Is asset protection expensive?
  8. How effective is a prenuptial agreement?
  9. If I have insurance, do I need asset protection?
  10. How do I pick the right asset protection attorney?
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What do you want to protect?

» Your Home
» Your Business
» Financial Investments
» Real Estate Investments

Why do you need protection?

» You are faced with a lawsuit
» You are in a high-risk business
» You have been in an accident
» You are getting divorced

Commonly Used Structures

» Residence Trusts
» Limited Liability Companies
» Limited Partnerships
» Equity Strips
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